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Case Study: VIZR Tech used in setting up Belmont®Rapid Infuse


Recently at a rural community-based hospital, a young man came in with a gunshot wound to the chest.


Dr. Alex Guerrero, the Lead Trauma Surgeon on site, initiated the Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP), which is a list of actions the team needs to take to pump blood into the patient quickly.

Dr. Guerrero determined the best course of action would be for the team to utilize The Belmont® Rapid Infuser to warm the blood and blood products to the correct physiological temperature, remove air, and infuse high fluid volumes into the patient during the subsequent surgery. The Belmont is preferred in this situation, as it is a far more effective method than general transfusion.

Fortunately, Dr. Guerrero was wearing his VIZR Glass, and using the previously created step-by-step checklist for use of the Belmont set-up, directed the surgical team through efficient set-up to get the MTP up and running and successfully complete the surgical procedure.


Thanks in part to VIZR and a forward-thinking hospital, the patient made a full recovery and has returned to daily activities.

Further proof that VIZR can help save lives.​​

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